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Target 4 : For better "energy management" :
Reducing the « energy bill » to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is what the 38 industrialized countries committed to do under the Kyoto Protocol, adopted in 1997. In 10 years, Axeuro Industrie has optimized its electric hand dryers by reducing their consumption while reducing the time required to dry their hands (only 7 to 15 seconds for new models), i.e. consumption divided by 3!

Target 6 : For Man and the Planet : "activity waste management" :
Preserved natural resources : around 60% of stainless steel production is made from recycled materials.
Strong properties : recyclable indefinitely, fully recyclable so without producing waste.

Target 7 : For "maintenance and upkeep management" :
Durability makes the overall cost advantageous : longevity, simple and inexpensive maintenance, etc.

Target 9 : For "acoustic comfort" :
Axeuro Industry designs its products so that they have better sound insulation, especially for hand dryers, wash basins and sanitary cabins.

Target 10 : To respect the comfort of the environment : "visual comfort" :
Our know-how in the work of stainless steel allows us to exploit its mechanical characteristics and thus to develop elegant designs for our products.

Target 11 : To respect the comfort of the environment : "olfactory comfort" :
Stainless steel is odorless. It does not emit VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) or formaldehyde.

Target 12 : For the respect of health and hygiene: the "sanitary conditions of spaces" :
Stainless steel is low maintenance and does not require disinfection with strong, and therefore toxic, cleaners. This implies a limited use of chemicals, which in the medium and long term cause polluting emissions or end in toxic spills, thus affecting our drinking water supplies.



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