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A material of choice :
Bacteriologically neutral and naturally hypoallergenic, stainless steel is the material of choice for places where hygiene and safety are necessary.

A guarantee of safety and hygiene :
Whether in hospitals (for staff or patients), in kitchens or in toilets; in hotels, communities (to protect users), or simply in the sanitary facilities of a company that seeks to avoid contamination of its employees, stainless steel is a guarantee of safety and hygiene. It facilitates cleaning operations and contributes to better hygiene. Its resistance to corrosion is due to the fact that it self-protects by a « passive layer » (the choice of the grade of stainless steel must, of course, be adapted to sometimes special conditions).

An inert metal :
Another point, little discussed, is the isoelectric neutrality of stainless steel. Stainless steel does not generate any electric or magnetic field and facilitates the earthing of the entire building structure: an advantage in terms of safety.

An incombustible material :
Finally, don't forget fire safety : Stainless steel fire classification : non-combustible. French classification : M0, Euroclass : A1 (according to EN 13501-1)
The classification of « reaction to fire » depends on the extent of the contribution of a material to the start and development of a fire.
Stainless steel is a non-flammable material. It does not burn and does not give off heat or smoke. He has a power zero heat.
In addition, stainless steel does not require any coating.

For a competitive overall cost :
The global cost approach is fully in line with the sustainable development approach, as underlined in its conclusion by the work of the interministerial mission for the quality of public buildings in France : « a powerful current of awareness of discomfort, economic costs, individual and collective risks, ... in short, the mess caused by a reductive vision of the act of building, according to an initial investment cost in a strict short term, crosses society whole : elected officials from all backgrounds, local and regional authorities, administrations, companies, ... even ordinary citizens. Everyone is convinced that they can, at their level, contribute, through civic acts, to limit the great drift of the « not durable » of the past 50 years. »

As we have just demonstrated, stainless steel involves performance, protection of the environment and preservation of our natural resources.

Choosing AXEURO means choosing stainless steel and contributing to a greener world !



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